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Sadguru Sant Keshavadas - founder

CDs - Insight and Instructions (with Music)

Purpose of Life    -    $11.00


We have come from God and we must return to God. The purpose of life is God-realization. In this CD Guruji gives us teachings from Sage Sanaka, Sage Sanandana, Sage Sanatana, Sanatkumara and the Upanishads on how we can establish ourselves in Truth. 

Spiritual Instructions of Sadguru    -    $11.00


These instructions come from the depth of Sant Keshavadas’ own experience. Guruji tells us that God alone in the Guru. He teaches us that the root cause of all happiness and unhappiness lies within our own thoughts. Only by surrendering to God will we find our own Great Self. 

Teaching of Mahatma Gandhi    -    $11.00


Gandhi would constantly meditate on the fact that God is the strength of the weak. He believed that all people are equal and that the mark of a true saint is one who lives his or her life in the service of others without expectation of return. 

Essence of the Bhagavad Gita    -    $11.00


In the Bhagavad Gita (The Song Celestial) Krishna instructs Arjuna on how to live a spiritual life. Guruji intones selected schlokas of the Gita in Sanskrit and English and describes how to attain God through the yoga of selfless action: “You have the right to do your duty but not to the fruits thereof.” 

Mysterious Shakti Kundalini    -    $11.00


Kundalini Shakti is God manifested as Divine Mother. She is consciousness as energy or consciousness as power. In this CD Guruji teaches us how to safely raise the Kundalini Shakti by awakening each chakra (energy centers in the body) through mantra. 

Opening of the Third Eye    -    $11.00


In this CD Guruji teaches us that after experiencing the things of the world we should be ready to experience something higher – finding the God-self within. Each religion and their sages and saints have described such an awakening.
Guruji gives practical instruction on how each of us can achieve God-consciousness. 

How to See God (2CDs)    -    $18.00


This two-volume CD set is a mini intensive on how to feel God present in our own souls and to see God face to face. Through stirring melodies and profound instruction, Guruji invites us to experience God in every breath. 

Yoga of Surrender    -    $11.00


In this recorded satsanga Guruji teaches us the process of “sharanam” or surrender. He explains in detail the second and third stanzas of “The Closing Hymn” (Twamaeva) and tells us that the nature of life is impermanence. We must do everything with the thought of God. 

Divine Life    -    $11.00


Guruji explains in this CD that we do not need to change our actions to live a divine life, but rather we must change our attitude and make every action an expression of love divine. Keeping God in our hearts and minds we now live our lives for God. 

Silence is God    -    $11.00


The energy which emanates from this CD is palpable. Although it is a recorded satsang it can easily be used as a daily meditation to enter into the profound silence which is God. Until we are silent, we cannot hear God. 

Mystical Experience in the Path of Love     -    $11.00


Sadguru Sant Keshavadas tells us that mystical experiences cannot be explained but must be experienced. The experience should help us to grow but we should not be attached to the experience or get stuck in it.
The validity of the experience is known by the consequence of the experience which shows us the difference between hallucination and illumination. 

The Secret of Om    -    $11.00


Om is the primordial sound of the universe. Chanting Om gives us peace of mind, expansion of consciousness, blessed health of mind and body and a rich vocabulary.
Om is God. In this CD, Sadguru Sant Keshavadas give us a practical explanation of how to reach God through the vibration of Om. 

Meditation Workshop    -    $11.00


What is mediation and what is thinking? In meditation there is no mind. In thinking there are always conditions. In this workshop Guruji teaches us how to go beyond the mind and reach our higher Self. 

Marveling on One’s Own Self    -    $11.00


All of this physical life is maya or illusion. Through the power of the Divine Name we move beyond our ego and recognize our own great Self -- which is God Himself. 

Know Thyself with the Upanshads    -    $11.00


The Upanishads is the latter portion of the Vedas which teaches us to know the truth of why we are here on earth. We are here to learn the wealth of Truth which never changes. 


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